Best 7 medial head tricep exercises

medial head tricep exercises

medial head tricep exercises


Are you looking for strong, confident arms that have been expertly sculpted? Look nowhere else! In this thorough course, we’ll delve into the world of tricep workouts while concentrating specifically on the frequently disregarded but essential medial head. Your triceps are important for functional strength and overall arm aesthetics; they are not merely for giving your arms a “horseshoe” appearance. Prepare to learn how to build a strong, well-defined upper body as we examine the top medial head tricep exercises, deconstruct their anatomy, and offer modifications that are ideal for everyone.

2.Understanding the Medial Head:

Learn why the medial head of the triceps needs extra attention before beginning the exercises. The long head, lateral head, and medial head are the three heads that make up the triceps brachii muscle. The medial head, which is sandwiched between the other two heads, is frequently overlooked as the middle kid. However, this muscle plays a key role in the total thickness of the triceps and is essential for maintaining elbow stability during pressing motions.

3.Medial Head Exercises:

  1. Close-Grip Bench Press:

Instructions: Your hands should be slightly closer together than shoulder width apart while you lay on a bench. Keep your elbows tight to your torso as you lower the barbell near your mid-chest. Rapidly raise the barbell once more.
Benefits: The entire triceps are worked during this compound action, with the medial head receiving special attention. It’s an excellent exercise for increasing size and strength.

  1. Diamond Push-Ups:

Instructions: Set up a push-up position with your hands close together and your thumbs and index fingers making a diamond shape. Push back up after lowering while keeping your elbows tight to your body.
Benefits: The medial head receives a lot of attention during diamond push-ups, which also work the chest and shoulders. They work well as a bodyweight substitute.

  1. Overhead Tricep Extension:
    Instructions: With both hands raised over your head, hold a dumbbell or an EZ bar. Lower the weight behind your head while keeping your upper arms still, and then raise them.
    Benefits: The medial head is the only muscle that this isolation exercise explicitly targets, helping to separate and define the muscles.
  2. Tricep Dips (Parallel Bars):
    Instructions: Support your body weight with your arms fully extended using parallel bars. Pushing yourself back up after lowering your body by bending your elbows.
    Benefits: A traditional exercise known as tricep dips targets the medial head while also working the shoulders and chest.

4.Variations for All Fitness Levels:

1.Beginner: Start with smaller weights or modified variations, such as knee push-ups and bench dips, if you are new to these exercises. As your strength increases, gradually up the intensity.

2.Intermediate: Aim for heavier weights or resistance bands as you advance for an increased challenge. To target the triceps from various angles, try incline or decline variants.

3.Advanced: To shock the muscles, advanced lifters can use strategies like drop sets, supersets, and pyramid sets. For a fresh stimulation, consider more difficult exercises like single-arm tricep extensions.

5.Unlocking Maximum Potential:

1.Frequency: Train your triceps two to three times per week, with enough time between workouts to promote muscle growth.

2.Nutrition: The development and repair of muscles are aided by a balanced diet rich in protein, healthy fats, and carbohydrates. Water is essential for optimum efficiency.

6.Equipment Options and Modifications:

1.Gym Enthusiasts: Use cable machines, barbells, and dumbbells for variation and progressive overload if you have access to a gym.

2.Home Workouts: Resistance bands, adjustable dumbbells, and stability balls are multipurpose tools that can replace gym equipment for at-home exercisers.

medial head tricep exercises


There you have it—a thorough explanation of how to target the medial head of the triceps to get shaped arms and increased strength. Don’t undervalue the effectiveness of these exercises; they’re essential for developing functional upper body strength and well-rounded arm aesthetics. You’ll be on your way to flaunting sculpted triceps that demand attention by comprehending the anatomy, exercising regularly, and feeding your body with the right nourishment. Accept the challenge, persevere, and watch the transformation take place. Your quest to strong, well-defined arms begins right now!

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